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Let’s face it: you could be attracting better clients.


The clients who see the value in what you do. The clients who are excited to work with you. And (let’s go ahead and say it) the clients who are willing to shell out the funds for a quality product or service.


Imagine your dream client. Think of how easy they are to work with. No hassle. No breathing down your throat. No nitpicking about deliverables.


With the right copywriting you can get the right client. You can create messages that attract the clients you want and repel the clients you don’t want.


That’s the purpose of good copywriting: it attracts the ones you’re meant to serve and repels the ones you’re not. That means higher conversion rates and less time spent trying to sell the wrong prospects.


With the right copy you can:


  • Attract the clients you deserve.
  • Speed up your sales process.
  • Draw in the prospects you daydream about and repel the ones that are wrong for you.
  • Get back control of your sales process.
  • Meet buyer objections before they even come up.


Whatever your business, a professional copywriter can help you enhance your online presence.


Show your customers what they need before they know they need it.


Show them you can solve the problems they didn’t know they had.


Show them you understand their problem and that you’re the right person to solve it.


Sounds interesting? Take a look at some of the services I offer:


Website Copy

A good website is like a well-trimmed lawn. It’s the first thing people see. So it’s important to make a good impression.


When I craft your copy, I first get to know your business almost as well as you do. I’ll understand your brand, your customers, and your positioning.


I’ll pull the weeds, turn on the sprinklers, and make your copy beautiful for your visitors. You’ll never have to worry about awkward verbiage scaring people away again!

  • Here’s my process:
    1. Strategy Call
    2. Research Process
    3. First Draft
    4. Editing
    5. Customer Persona
    6. Copy Critique
    7. New Copy Outline
    8. Starting at $2,500


Case Studies

Your sales material has a major problem: it’s written from your point of view. A good case study fixes this.


How’s that? By telling the story of one of your customers. A case study is like a testimonial, but fleshed-out and written in an engaging story form. The point is to show your prospects why your company is right for them—from a point of view they trust.


As part of the process, I will interview a representative from one of your clients. I’ll uncover the details of how you helped the client out.

  • Here’s my process:
    1. Strategy call.
    2. Research process.
    3. Phone interview.
    4. First draft.
    5. Final approval from your client.
    6. Starting at $1,000


Sales Emails

The right emails can be perfect tools for generating high-quality leads. The wrong emails are a waste of time that can even lead to legal trouble.


Let’s make a drip campaign that inspires action. Let’s get prospects to pick up the phone. Let’s show them why you’re the best choice.

  • Here’s my process:
    1. Strategy call.
    2. Research process.
    3. Customer persona.
    4. Full outline.
    5. First draft.
    6. Starting at $400


Marketing Strategy Consultation

Sometimes you need to talk to somebody.


Need to talk through a problem? Just let me know!


We’ll have a focused discussion. You’ll come out of the meeting with a clear mind and understanding.

  • Here’s my process:
    1. Schedule the meeting.
    2. Set the agenda. If you have a specific agenda in mind, let me know about it and we can follow that. You can choose from some of the following examples:
      • Overall digital marketing strategy.
      • Critique and analysis of existing copy.
      • Social media strategy.
      • Brand positioning.
      • Website strategy.
    3. Phone or Skype call.
    4. Session summary.
    5. $100 for a one-hour session


Content Critique

Content not performing like it should?


It could be a website, a social media account, or a blog. The point is that it’s not getting the job done.


Sometimes all it takes is for a professional to give you some ideas. I can check your content, leaving you with a set of tips specifically tailored to you and your business.


  • Here’s my process:
    1. Identify the content to be critiqued.
    2. In-depth critique of each page, based on the following factors:
      • Grammar and spelling.
      • Article structure.
      • Audience awareness.
      • Clarity of purpose.
      • Lead and call to action.
    3. Starting at $50 per page


Sound exciting? Let’s get to work!


Shoot me an email at to get started. We can set up a free 15-minute strategy call—at no obligation to you, of course. I look forward to hearing from you!


Have a great day,



P.S.: If you have an idea for a project that’s not mentioned here, I’m happy to hear about it. I’m certainly open to custom orders.

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