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I’m Geofrey Crow, and I’m a copywriter. I like to keep things simple and predictable. I’m going to talk about three things:


  1. I’ll remind you of all the things good words can do.
  2. I’ll tell you about my process.
  3. I’ll outline some of the projects I work on most often.


I’ve made this page as skimmable as possible. You won’t go too far wrong if you stick to what’s in bold print.


Good Words

We use words every day without thinking about it.


We write in words. We speak in words. Most of us usually think in words.


Everybody always says words have power. But it’s easy to say that. We hear it so often it’s easy to tune it out.


What can good words do?


  1. Good words inform.

Words are for telling the truth. The best words are for telling the truth in the best possible way. You want to tell prospects the truth about your company.


The truth of what you can do for them.


The truth of the value you can offer them.


The truth of the quality service you’re dedicated to bringing them.


If your prospects knew what your business can do for them, they’d already be your clients. Good words can send that message clearly.


  1. Good words organize.

In a perfect world, I would automatically know exactly what you want. I’d be able to anticipate your needs perfectly.


Sadly, this isn’t a perfect world. In this world, we have to communicate if we’re going to understand each other.


But used the right way, words can ensure you know what to expect from me. They can ensure I know what to expect from you.


And once we know what to expect from each other, we can work together.


  1. Good words persuade.

This is the bread and butter of copywriting. Words persuade.


If words couldn’t persuade, there would be no copywriting. But persuasion is different from what we think it is.


We usually think of persuasion as “you talking me into doing x.”


But persuasion is more about you educating me about x. Because if I see why x is a good idea for me, of course I’ll do it.


So persuasion isn’t about “winning somebody over” or “talking someone into something.” It’s about showing how we already agree about the best thing to do.


My Process

If you’re anything like me, you hate surprises. That’s why I want you to see my process from beginning to end.


So here it is, starting from the moment I take you on as a client:


  1. Strategy call.

Once I take you on as a client, we can schedule a strategy call.


This is an informal phone call where we’ll go over all your needs for the writing project. I’ll want to know everything you can tell me about your business.


I want to know what you do for your clients.


I want to know why they choose you.


I want to know how you work with them, and I especially want to know what makes your company unique.


We’ll make as many strategy calls as you like until you feel comfortable that I understand your needs.


(Of course, if you’d rather communicate via email, etc., that’s just fine. I want to give you the best individualized service I possibly can.)


  1. Outline.

Once we’re clear about your needs, I’ll prepare an outline of the piece you want me to write. I’ll aim to have it to you as soon as possible.


(Sometimes this takes a little while, especially if there’s a lot of material about your company for me to go over. Feel free to send me any materials you think will be useful for the writing!)


The purpose of the outline is for you to see the way I envision your needs. I want to make sure we understand each other before I write the full project.


  1. First draft.

Once you’ve approved the outline, I’ll prepare the first draft. This may only take a day or two for small projects, but for big projects it may take quite a while.


If your brand already has a distinct voice, I’ll match it. If it doesn’t, I’ll make one.


When I’m preparing the first draft, I’ll do any research that needs to be done.


I’ll write, rewrite, hone, and prepare. I’ll make sure the first draft is ready to wow you.


  1. Editing phone call.

The first draft will be the best work I can do.


But maybe you’ll come up with a new idea for us to explore.


Maybe you’ll think one section is a little weak.


Maybe you’ll think something needs to be rewritten.


Whatever you need, we can set up a call. We can go over the whole piece line by line, so you can make sure you get what you want.




  1. 2nd draft/3rd draft, etc.

Some copywriters limit you to two rounds of revisions. I don’t do that.


I want you to get exactly what you’re looking for.


I want you to feel pride in your company every time you read the copy I’ve written for you.


I want you to be a raving fan of my work, and I want you to know that I’ll stop at nothing to give you words that fit your needs perfectly.


That’s why I’ll edit any piece until you’re one hundred percent satisfied. I’ll do my best to make sure the first draft you see is perfect, but I’ll make your satisfaction my number one priority.


Common Projects

  1. Web copy.
  • Create copy that gets read.
  • Improve your site’s conversions.
  • Manage your prospects’ expectations.
  • Communicate that special something that sets your business apart.


  1. Case studies.
  • Build credibility by using your clients’ own words.
  • Show your business in action.
  • Engage your prospects through effective storytelling.
  • Inform prospects about what to expect.


  1. Lead generation and email sequences.
  • Transform website traffic into active prospects.
  • Open lines of communication with potential clients.
  • Win a direct line into your audience’s inbox.
  • Streamline selling through A/B testing.


  1. Blog content.
  • Educate visitors about the value of your product or service.
  • Gain authority by building an engaged blog audience.
  • Increase targeted traffic through long-tail SEO.
  • Distinguish your business from the competition.

Those are my main projects, but I can handle anything you can throw at me. Contact me at for a quote, or with any comments or concerns you may have.

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